'Dear June' is a simple short film which flows like a peaceful, lazy stream without any twists or turns. Its about two long time lovers, their fights, silly nothings, cheesiness and love.


Script & Direction - Ahammed Khabeer
Production- Reasons to Live
DOP - Jithin Stanislaus
Editor - Mahesh Bhuvanend
Music - Ifthi
Sound Design - Dhanush Nayanar (DNSoundFX, Chennai)
Art Direction - Merin Tresa Willy, Dileepan G Krishna
Sound Mix - Anand Ramachandran (Four Frames, Chennai)
DI - Sajith M Saraswathy
Whistles (Sound Track) - Swetha Suresh
Assistant Directors - Jeevan Baby Mathew, Dileepan G Krishna
Stills - Arjun Thomas (Tuesday Lights)